is the motto of change to learn something new

We carry out learning and development activities with the motto of Run for Future in order to unite our employees who have different cultures from all over the world, with our company's mission and goals in the culture of KH; we prepare for the future together.

Starting with the recruitment of our employees, we consider different employee profiles, personal and professional needs and we design learning and development programs with contemporary methods and technologies. 

Orientation Program:

Every employee who joins our company is taking orientation training once the recruitment process is completed. The training program is organized as classroom training or online training. After the orientation program, the employee participates in the work orientation in his/her department.

Professional Development Trainings:

We organize internal and external trainings to improve the professional and professional skills of our employees.

Management Development Academy and Personal Coaching:

We aim that the leaders of the Karadeniz Holding are individuals who carry our values all around the world, are innovative, capable of being integrated to different cultures, capable of guiding, internalize the high and continuous performance culture, who are flexible, proactive, capable of creating values together with their teams and aiming for the targets together, inspiring for the employees, capable of thinking strategically without being distant to operation.

In this direction, we organize trainings that blend all the skills that a manager should have within the scope of the Management Development Academy that we established for our employees who are in managerial positions. Our managers who have participated in this program have the opportunity to improve their managerial skills towards the trends followed all around the world.

Our senior managers also participate in the individual coaching program.

Powership Academy

We organize periodic on-the-job and in-class trainings with our academy which we established in order to enable our employees working in the world's first and only floating power plant to improve their vocational and technical skills, train the future generations and maintain business continuity.

The Powership Academy training program starts with basic orientation and awareness trainings during the transformation phase of the ship to a plant and continues with the development practices for local employees after we arrive at the country to which we will bring energy. Throughout the period in which our Powerships are active, we continue our continuous learning activities with the support and participation of our suppliers.

  • Mechanical Training
  • Orientation and Maintenance Trainings
  • HR Training
  • OHS Training
  • Cultural Communication
  • Technical Training
  • Specialization in Basic Trainings
  • Practice in Specialist Trainings
  • Applied Technical Trainings

Cultural Communication and Interaction:

We organize special training programs in the field of Cross Culture to ensure the cultural unity and enhance the quality of communication of our employees from 16 different nationalities across the three continents of the world. Through these programs, we fulfil the requirements of being a global company by learning about other countries and cultures while introducing our country and culture to every geographical region in which we operate. 

Respecting Cultures
Observing Cultural Differences
Cultural Development
Intercultural Tolerance
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